Lead Poisoning: Exposure, Effects, & Preventative Measures for Shooters

I’ll start posting some items about lead exposure, poisoning and possible removal out of the body the coming time. It’s an often ignored subject, but especially for indoor shooting ranges, combined with frequent/avid shooters or employees at the range, this can start becoming an issue.
The sneaky part in this is as soon as the symptoms of high lead values in the body start acting up, it will take some time until most people realise it is lead related. But at that point, there is no quick fix to reduce lead in the body. It’s a long and tedious process, that often means spending less time shooting to reduce exposure. And who the hell wants that?
So let’s try and get together information to cope with the possible problem in advance, before it shows it’s ugly head.

In this video, Coleen talks about her experience in dealing with her lead poisoning from teaching firearms courses and instruction.