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Special notice for Clive Brockdorff’s part, who makes a couple of really good points.

The EU attack on european gun legislation is continuing and not showing any end in sight. Most avid legal gun owners from the EU will probably already know about Firearms United as the emerging gun federation of and for gunowners worldwide, but now primarliy active in the EU.
They hosted a conference today, with many speakers from almost every EU country to give their insights and knowledge on the subject, and how to move forward battling the proposed EU Commissions new Firearms Directive.
The proposals would be desastrous for legal EU gunownership, without even touching the influence of criminal usage of firearms throughout Europe.

See below a quick summary from Firearms United what the outline of todays meeting was:

The conference will discuss how the Commission’s misguided proposal, which was presented in a most irregular manner, would lead to a serious impact on legal firearm owners and users, as well as on national authorities’ resources, while hardly having any effect against the use of illegal weapons by criminals and terrorists. Participants will be informed of the latest developments following the trilogue meetings between the Commission, the Council and Parliament.

In my opinion this conference showcases the potential and combined power that Firearms United can achieve when we join forces to call for reason in the EU and halt the Commission in ridiculous legislation to achieve goals that every logically thinking person understand will not be met by restricting legal gun owners rights.

This recording of the live stream is worth watching in full, (two parts, 3 hours in total…), and you must do your best to ignore the annoying beep throughout..